Advisory Services

New platform businesses face a difficult journey from having a great idea to reaching the critical mass necessary for ignition and growth.  MPD Advisors devises ignition strategies and tactics, advises on product design and marketing, and makes connections with strategic partners and anchor clients.  We work with established businesses that are launching platforms as well as venture-backed firms. Our work has spanned business models, including B2B and B2C marketplaces, and sectors including banking, payments, health, advertising, and retail.

Often, for venture-backed firms, one of us joins the company’s advisory board or the board of directors and we have an equity position.  Our portfolio includes a wide range of startups including The Bank of London (clearing bank), Seez (automobile marketplace), TaqTik Health (global health marketplace), and Token (open banking).  We have worked with a number of startups with successful exits including Cardlytics (2018 IPO) and LoopPay (sold to Samsung in 2015).