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Market Platform Dynamics →

Market Platform Dynamics is an organization that practices what it preaches, engaging directly with clients in building and igniting innovative solutions in the marketplace, helping new innovative companies grow and mature, and sharing news and information about the global payments marketplace with an expanding audience. MPD is affiliated with:

Catalyst Ventures →

MPD has created a new approach to working with emerging firms – one that is based on a high-end consulting approach that uses human capital to solve the complex problems faced by companies with this unique business model. Most of our work is with companies that have a product in the market and are seeking paths to growth and scale, but we have also helped visionaries with an idea and seed capital develop business plans and products that they later take to market. Our works spans that which is typical of any venture – new or old – that seeks to solve the problems of coordination most prevalent in the platform-based businesses, in addition to facilitating strategic relationships, and assisting in capital raising activities.

PYMNTS.com →

PYMNTS.com is the first publication of MPD’s joint venture with Business Wire. PYMNTS.com is the premier source of news, expert-driven commentary and information, innovation, and user contributed content centered on how payments are conducted across the globe: a mashup of payments and payment enablers such as social media, loyalty, advertising, mobile, and other technologies. Launched in October 2009, PYMNTS.com delivers valuable content and resources that work to both engage industry professionals and provide a forum for discussion.

Global Economics Group →

Global Economics Group brings together world-class thought leaders, highly experienced experts to provide independent and rigorous economic analysis in complex legal, regulatory, and policy matters. The firm’s experts presented before courts and regulatory bodies worldwide and Global Econ is made of ex industry executives with deep practical experience and a multi-disciplinary staff including econometricians and finance economists. MPD has one of the world’s leading financial services practices focused on regulation and litigation in partnership with Global Economics Group. As a result, we offer clients a cohesive belnd of skills and experiences that provide integrated efficient, effective and actionable advice.