Who We Are

Market Platform Dynamics (MPD) is the consulting firm businesses leaders come to when they want to succeed in platform-based ecosystems. Our work ranges from helping businesses design and ignite platform products to countering life-threatening disruptions.  MPD often advises CEOs and Boards directly.

Market Platform Dynamics (MPD) advises businesses based on rigorous research and analytical tools and frameworks, combined with practical experience in launching and running companies. We specialize in platforms—businesses that create value by serving as intermediaries between two or more different kinds of customers who need each other—as well as businesses that operate in platform-based ecosystems. Our typical engagements are commissioned by C-Level executives who wish to accelerate the pace of innovation within these highly complex ecosystems, or who seek advice on strategic direction in the face of threats to their core businesses brought about by competitors, new technologies and new business models. The intellectual underpinning of our firm is the economics of platform businesses—our principals are considered the field’s pioneers in the commercialization and application of these concepts to business.

MPD has deep and demonstrable experience in payments, a platform-industry that ultimately connects senders and receivers of funds either between businesses and consumers or businesses and businesses. MPD has worked with many of the leading networks, issuers, and payments innovators. This is a sector, in particular, that is being transformed by mobile and other IP-enabled devices—the impact and opportunity that results has and will continue to have a profound impact on all players directly and indirectly involved in this critically important sector worldwide.

MPD is based in the United States but the principals have extensive experience working in the European Union, Latin America, and Asia on payments related matters as well as other platform industry sectors.

MPD is an expert-driven firm. Given the complexity of our assignments and their strategic significance to the companies that commission them, we tend to field smaller, more specialized teams who access other senior expert advisors within the firm for specialized input as needed. Each project has a core team that is assigned to the project and with whom the client interacts with mainly.