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MPD Wrote the Book

Members of the MPD team literally wrote the book on platform businesses. MPD’s David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee authored Catalyst Code (Harvard Business School Press, 2007), the seminal book on multisided strategies.

They’ve applied their analysis to two major ecosystems in other writings including;


Credit Card Growth and Industry

The Growth and Diffusion of Credit Cards in Society
Over the last thirty years, credit cards have democratized credit, with card ownership growing not only in total numbers, but across virtually all demographic groups.


Platform Economics: Essays on Multi-Sided Businesses

Platform Economics: Essays on Multi-Sided Businesses
Given the subject of this collection, there is some irony in how I’ve chosen to bring these essays to you. Publishing has traditionally been a two-sided model.


Interchange Fees: The Economics and Regulation of What Merchants Pay for Cards