Industry Experience

MPD advises any company that’s looking to use the power of platforms or that’s looking for a competitive edge in a platform-based ecosystem. Many of our recent clients fall into two key sectors:

Commerce 3.0™

Several industries are at the center of what we have called Commerce 3.0TM – the fast moving revolution in how consumers and merchants transact. This is the convergence of physical commerce, mobile commerce, online commerce, and social commerce. Smart businesses in these industries are racing to provide innovative offerings for consumers and merchants. Those who aren’t innovating risk being left behind.  Many of the firms in the Commerce 3.0TM race face the key ignition challenge of platform businesses—in this case getting a critical mass of merchants and consumers on board.

Financial Services

Financial Services is undergoing upheaval as a result of innovation and regulation.   Many of the financial services businesses are part of the Commerce 3.0 TM race. Banks are moving rapidly into providing services over mobile and card issuers are aggressively innovating in serving merchants and consumers. Money transmittal firms are looking at new technologies to provide services to the underbanked.  Other firms, such as financial exchanges, are undergoing rapid innovation driven by software, Internet, and data technologies.  All financial services firms are undergoing disruption as a result of regulation including the Dodd-Frank Act in the US and similar regulatory frameworks elsewhere.