Platform Design

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MPD helps clients design new platform-based businesses and fine-tune existing ones using our Catalyst Design™ Framework. Platforms have “sides” that correspond to the customer groups that that are being brought together.  Successful platform design involves a careful balancing of the interests of these multiple sides.

Key elements include:

  • Creating platform value. The catalyst inspiration often involves inventing innovative approaches for reducing transactions costs between customer groups. The inspiration is often obvious in retrospect such as OpenTable’s reservation platform.
  • Designing incentives. Customers won’t join a platform unless there are customers on the other sides for them to work with. Successful platforms must provide incentives that entice customers to join on each side and that often involves a difficult balancing act.
  • Platform management. Platforms are communities and successful ones have rules and standards that promote positive interactions and discourage harmful ones.

Past Project

MPD   has been retained by multinational companies to examine their market potential. MPD experts conducted an in-depth analysis across the globe to project the trends and impact of mobile and digital platforms, using our rigorous, data driven Market Suitability FrameworkTM that also incorporated, local on-the-ground country experts to derive the most accurate projections of what is likely to happen in the next 10 years. MPD then advised the companies on risks and opportunities in target markets.