Loyalty & Consumer Engagement

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Understanding what drives customer behavior and makes them act in a positive fashion for a business is imperative to any successful Loyalty or Customer Engagement strategy.  MPD helps clients design new consumer-facing programs that help drive more profitable customer behavior for your company, while creating a better experience for your customer.  Behavioral Economics, combined with experienced former Loyalty-platform leaders, allow MPD to bring a perspective and experience unlike any other consulting firm.

Key elements include:

  • Creating a win-win Proposition. Any Loyalty program needs to incent consumer behavior in a way that is profitable for the program provider, while offering enough value to the consumer to elicit such behavior.
  • Leveraging your assets. Some of the best Loyalty and Customer Engagement programs in the world simply offer access to assets that are unavailable to everyone else.  Companies don’t always need to offer bonus cash or points; they just need to make some of their corporate assets available.
  • Iterative Thinking.  A customer engagement platform needs to continue to change with the times.  Incentives need to be experiential and constant promotion needs to be served to customers to maintain interest and freshness of a program

Past Projects

For a large publicly traded airline, a MPD Managing Director and team revamped the strategy for its miles loyalty program and value proposition for its co-brand card portfolio. The engagement resulted in issuance of a new line of co-brand agreement and some major changes to the customer value proposition in their tiered miles program.