Innovation Laboratory

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MPD’s work in the design of innovative platforms has informed the development of a holistic approach for cultivating, implementing and monetizing innovation in payments.

Key elements are:

  • Innovation cultivation.  MPD helps clients innovate by brainstorming and vetting ideas; identifying complementary assets including partners and acquisition targets; and rating and prioritizing ideas.
  • Innovation development and implementation.  MPD moves innovation from idea to reality by identifying relevant developers, experts and entrepreneurs; developing business, technical, user and functional requirements; and helping to design products and services.
  • Innovation Ignition.  MPD uses its Ignition Framework  to identify strategic elements for ignition; develop the ignition strategies; and stage and sequence the strategies.
  • Scale and Defend Innovation.  MPD helps clients accelerate network effects; create barriers to entry for free-riding rivals; and evaluate acquisitions and partnerships for faster growth.