Ignition Strategies

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Platform businesses can’t get off the ground unless they get a critical mass of customers on the various sides of the platform. MPD helps clients develop and implement “Ignition Strategies” that systematically build a critical mass of customers, launch a sustainable business, and achieve explosive growth.

Key elements are:

  • Determining price structure. Getting the price structure—the relative prices paid by each side—right makes the difference between blast-off and bust. Many successful platforms have a “Money Side” and a “Subsidy Side”.
  • Staging the sides. For some platforms ignition requires having a critical mass of customers on both sides soon after launch. For other platforms ignition requires getting one side on both first and then getting the other side on both.
  • Getting Critical Mass. MPD has a proprietary Ignition FrameworkTM for securing enough customers to launch a platform and secure explosive growth. There are nine core strategies but MPD is constantly adding and refining these based on market experience.
  • Managing Growth. Successful platforms use positive feedback effects to drive growth.