What We Believe

MPD is about bringing out client insights from leading experts and how we use both to stimulate new thinking and ignite innovation.

MPD takes a decidedly different approach to our project work. All consultants promise to deliver smart and capable people to the table but our model is as an expert-driven firm that fields team members with relevant experiences who also remain active throughout the project.


We don’t build practice knowledge with client investment, nor do we staff projects with large junior teams managed by an often-absent senior principal. We also don’t produce mind-numbing charts and statistics; rather we provide analysis to the secondary data that exists that reflects our deep and strategic insights into the payments space. We also hit the ground running and, given our deep experience, are able to offer richer and more relevant insights to our clients more quickly. We’re deliverables oriented and produce tangible work product weekly.

We have assembled the world’s leading practitioners, thought leaders and strategists in the area of multi-sided businesses and harnessed their insights and experiences for the benefit of our clients. Our team of business strategists, marketing, product, pricing and technology experts bridge cutting-edge thinking with the practical realities of driving revenue and profits.


The directors of MPD are recognized authorities in their field and have written extensively about the financial industry, platforms, mobile, payments and technology space.

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The MPD team consists of frequently published and widely recognized thought leaders; having devised, researched and advanced key topics at the heart of innovation in platform industries , more generally, through books, published articles, working papers and keynote speeches.  The books listed below are acknowledged as “required reading” for those who build, manage or invest in catalyst businesses.