• Our Frameworks

    MPD ignites innovation for companies that operate in highly complex, multi-sided ecosystems. We call these companies catalysts. Catalysts have unique challenges in engineering the product, pricing and business strategies that allow them to crack the “chicken and egg” problem that hobbles most of these businesses.

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  • Our Perspectives

    Market Platform Dynamics is about bringing out client insights from leading experts and how we use both to stimulate new things and ignite innovation.

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  • Our Team

    Market Platform Dynamics delivers transformative results for clients by combining analytical rigor, deep industry expertise, extensive operational experience, and successful entrepreneurship.

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  • Our Accomplishments

    Our work is laser-focused on companies that operate in complex ecosystems of getting multiple stakeholders on board a single platform is essential for success. We work with both incumbents and new entrants, giving us a unique lens into the dynamics that shape the competitive playing field and critical insight into how this playing field is likely to look over time.

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About MPD – Platform Innovators and Experts

Market Platform Dynamics is the consulting firm business leaders come to when they want to succeed in platform-based ecosystems. Our work ranges from helping businesses design and ignite platform products to countering life-threatening disruptions.  Market Platform Dynamics often advises CEOs and Boards directly.