• If It Ain’t Broke Don’t MCX It

    November 27, 2012 I’ve been thinking a lot about MCX these days. I’ve read a bunch of articles and talked to a lot of people. I’ve seen presentations about its strategy and model. I’ve also heard MCX representatives speak at various conferences. Here’s where I come out on MCX based on what I know right […]

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  • The CFPB Roars: Leading Experts Draw Lessons From The Three Consent Orders

    Following CFPB examinations, American Express, Capital One and Discover have entered into Consent Orders with the consumer protection czar. Many banks and non-bank institutions are facing similar examinations and others will be soon. What can financial institutions learn from the three orders? And how should they get ready for the inevitable? Five leading experts on […]

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  • For Wright Express, Data Is Key To Fleet Card and Business Payments Future

    We often focus on the consumer side of payments innovations, but as Wright Express demonstrates in the fleet card industry, businesses derive huge benefits from new payments technologies as well. MPD Founder David Evans spoke with Wright Express’ CEO and President, Mike Dubyak, and President of The Americas, Melissa Smith, to discuss the fleet payments […]

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  • Discover Enjoys Six Fold Growth as Young Adults Flock To Prepaid

    It often seems you can’t read about prepaid accounts or programs without the words “unbanked” or “underbanked” following closely behind. Jeff Lewis, Director Alternative Payments and Prepaid for Discover, says that doesn’t have to be the case. According to Lewis, Discover is branching out to attract new demographics to the prepaid market, and is finding […]

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  • CFPB Enforcement, A Cautionary Tale

    By Brian Smith, MPD Managing Director Since it’s creation, the CFPB has been clearly announcing its range of regulatory authority and enforcement intentions. Nonetheless, many in the industry seem to have been taken by surprise in the last few months when the CFPB announced its investigations of, and then settlements reached with, leading card issuers. […]

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